A revolutionary VR System that integrates
Hyper-reality effects to provide the most
immersive and engaging experiences

The System

Mobile platform

Integrates a state-of the-art motion platform with 6 degrees-of-freedom, a multi-sensorial panel with heat and wind omission, a comfortable chair powered with a “butt-kicker” for vibrations and mount to hold the VR HMD.
The Mobile Platform is programmed to run perfectly with the VR adventures providing a completely immersive experience without motion sickness.


Hosts the VR PC with a simple user interface on the lower screen and a live rendering of the VR adventure at play on the upper screen.

Technical file


User benefits

VR Motion without sickness

Multi-sensorial effects

Multiplayer capability

Intuitive interactivity

Next-gen storytelling

Operator benefits

Increased space efficiency

Minimalising HR assistance

Open platform

New VR content

The Ogrecoaster is our first multiplayer hyper-reality adventure

You are the warrior completely immersed amongst fantastical creatures, kidnapped and taken on a chariot ride to meet Balrog. Will you escape becoming virtually supper? Genre: Jump scare Fantasy Interaction: Leap Motion integration for virtual hands to interact with objects and magical creatures

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Other adventures are coming soon…

What's included

The VR System is now available for pre-order. It includes:

  • The VHyper
  • its premiere hyper-reality adventure “The Ogrecoaster
  • the trailer of “Fantastic Voyage” currently under production
  • new hyper-reality adventures every 4 months developed by The Virtual Lab
  • marketing and communication materials upon each launch

The Virtual Lab plans to open the platform to vetted external content providers for further adventure development.

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