The Future of Fun.

It's going to be brutal!

Because you are going to be an active player in your entertainment, blurring the border between cinema and gaming, creating a new space where mediums merge and emotions run high. Innovative high-tech developments blend VR technology with physical sets and stage effects to create an incredibly immersive and unique experience - called hyper-reality - enabling you to explore different realities and delve into alternate worlds.

At the Virtual Lab, this is what we are working on. And with your help, we can follow our dream of bringing fantasy to life.

The Experiment.

So now we know you are curious, that you crave more, that you want to experience reality at a level beyond your most vivid dreams.

Now the question is: do you have the courage to take the next step?

Good! Well, we are called the Virtual Lab because we employ the Scientific Method to further evolve in our research and make our experiences exceptional. And all we need now are juicy Guinea pigs.Are you up to it?

Stage one of the experiment will catapult you into another world. Through our hyper-reality cinema and gaming content, you’ll find yourself immersed in a magical world of Ogres, Dragons and Balrogs. You’ll feel the jolt of the stoney path through the motorized, moving and vibrating chair. You’ll sense the speed of sudden dips and turns with the gusts from our custom wind fan.

The Ogrecoaster is our first multiplayer hyper-reality adventure.
Your journey, your form of transportation and your powers will depend on the character you’ll choose, but whatever your path will be, at the end of it you will have to join your crew in an epic final battle against the Balrog.
As part of the experiment you will be able to try the first demo we’ve developed.

Where is the experiment taking place?

The Virtual Lab @ Space Shack
Straße 3A-5, 10823 Berlin

Opening hours:
Fridays: 15h00 - 19h00

Limited to five weeks only from November 10th to December 8th, 2017.

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Are you an investor, sponsor, university, entertainment institution or potential partner interested in collaborating with us or supporting the experiment? Please contact us to find out more.