The Future of Fun.

It's going to be brutal!

Because you are going to be an active player in your entertainment, blurring the border between cinema and gaming, creating a new space where mediums merge and emotions run high. Innovative high-tech developments blend VR technology with physical sets and stage effects to create an incredibly immersive and unique experience - called Hyper-Reality - enabling you to explore different realities and delve into alternate worlds.

At the Virtual Lab, this is what we are working on. And with your help, we can follow our dream of bringing fantasy to life.

The Experiment.

From June to November 2017 The Virtual Lab tested its Prototype of the VHyper and “The Ogrecoaster” with hundreds of subjects in Germany, Italy and the USA using the scientifc method and incorporating user feedback to develop the best Hyper-Reality System possible.The Virtual Lab has incorporated this user feedback into its product design and pledges to continue developing the VHyper and new VR adventures closely with its users to always ensure the best user experience for end users and success of its customers.

All surveyed user reactions were positive or very positive.
No reaction was neutral, negative or very negative.

Subjects most liked:
1. the feeling of complete immersion
2. being completely transported elsewhere
3. how it felt so real

Test users wished for two things:
1. interactions (were not yet integrated during testing)
2. longer adventures


of "The Ogrecoaster" test users want to immediately do more


would actively promote “The Ogrecoaster”


want to compete


want to solve problems