The Ogrecoaster

Our first adventure will catapult you into another world.Through our hyper-reality cinema and gaming content, you’ll find yourself immersed in a magical world of Ogres, Dragons and Balrogs.You’ll feel the jolt of the stoney path through the motorized, moving and vibrating chair.You’ll sense the speed of sudden dips and turns with the gusts from our custom wind fan.

Coming soon

Fantastic Voyage

You are a secret agent on an incredible mission: to save the life of an important scientist who has been poisoned. You are going to be miniaturized and injected into the scientist’s body, where you will travel around to find and destroy the deadly venom.

Genre: Science Fiction
Interaction: Hand-gun to shoot at targets


You are a detective whose investigation into the disappearance of a girl has led you into the arms of evil. You have been sedated and tied to a wheelchair, and you are going to be taken on a ride into the Lovercraftian world that will challenge and shake your belief system.

Genre: Mistery
Interaction: Camera to capture the supernatural