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Our strength lies in understanding the communication goals of our clients and creating state-of-the-art VR / AR solutions for professional applications. We are an edutainment, communications and marketing agency geared towards the future.

VR/AR Business Solutions

VR and AR can open the door to hidden places, and in doing so, reveal a new realm of communication for our clients with their users and targets.

Our VR journeys created for clients within the pharmaceutical industry have enabled medical professionals to travel deep within the human body, chasing cells and observing microscopic processes from the inside. Participants’ learning and understanding of new concepts is improved through interaction with scientific objects and responsive environments.

Merging science with gamification, an engaging plot, and state-of-the-art hardware, results in an effective and riveting edutainment experience.

Each VR/AR journey is customised for every client. This calls for different formats depending on the client’s goals. The following three formats have been created to suit different purposes:

Virtual Rides.

In these experiences, the user sits on a mechanically actuated chair and travels through a virtual environment. The chair moves in sync with the vehicle that is moving through the virtual environment, maximising immersion level and minimising the risk of motion sickness. The ride can be designed to generate different thrill levels according to the message and the audience.

Mobile Experiences.

Virtual Reality can be experienced through mobile VR systems based on high-performance smartphones coupled with specially designed headsets. Mobile Experiences can be easily deployed on a high number of devices and even distributed to the general public via online VR app stores.

Virtual Rooms.

In these experiences, the user stands inside a “virtual ring”, a defined space in which the user’s movements are tracked and the user can walk around freely, for example to get closer to and observe the most interesting elements, and interact with the virtual environment through handheld controllers.

We can provide our clients with end-to-end customised VR/AR solutions to cover all stages of a project, including the development of content, definition of the user experience, graphics and exhibition design, hardware rental and technical assistance in situ.

VR Theme Park (B2C)

The feedback from participants who took part in our VR / AR experiences was so enthusiastic that we believe we can develop our content in a new exciting direction. We are currently developing a scalable business model for a VR Theme Park right in the centre of the city.

THE VIRTUAL LAB’s VR Theme Parks are multi-player all-immersive experiences that uniquely combine sophisticated hardware, prime VR software, and captivating storytelling, allowing groups of friends to live amazing adventures in unknown worlds together.

We will reveal our first destination soon.

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