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Our journey with THE VIRTUAL LAB started in 2016 in Genoa, Italy, and has since established a second tech office in Turin, Italy, and a sales office in Berlin, Germany, to serve clients both in Europe and internationally, as well as to prepare for the launch of our B2C VR Theme Parks.


We are a happy team of agency creatives, business entrepreneurs, gaming nerds, and two space systems engineers… an eclectic mix of complementary talents that blend imagination and creativity with professionalism and business know-how. We love gaming and magic, we love clear and effective communication, and most of all we love making the unimaginable possible. We believe that learning is most effective when it is fun, and as children at heart, we love learning through play.


Iconomia, a communications agency based in Italy specializing in the field of healthcare, has served clients on the international stage for over a decade. Iconomia supports THE VIRTUAL LAB with communications expertise, graphic design and a uniquely creative edge.

Untold Games, a ten-person team made up of developers of multi-platform games and entertainment industry experts, is an active contributor within the VR revolution. They have developed VR games for Playstation and formed many relationships and collaborations with key partners such as Razer, Epic Games, Sony, Oculus, PrioVr and Sixense, among others.

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